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U.S. Capital Private Bank is a Tier One Private Wealth Management Banking Institutional Trust established in 1969. We are your global resource for project funding, infrastructure development, and other liquidity needs.

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Click on the “Register Me” link above to begin your process. Your personal details are only used to register your account. After approval, you will receive an email from us.


You will receive an email with your login and your New Client Engagement Package which includes a list of the documents that you will need for compliance to establish your transaction. You will upload your documents in the net Bank portal when you login.


Upload documents and the project that you are trying to fund, with the valuations of any assets you want to use for collateral. If you do not have any assets we can provide them for you. After passing compliance, you will receive your invoice for the transfer fees for your collateral and the fees for the SWIFT costs to fund your account. Then you will receive the credit line from your bank, and receive a confirmation that your funds arrived in your bank account. Now you can start your projects immediately.