“Cryptocurrency Gateway for GDP Development Projects”

This cryptocurrency is Gold-Backed / Real Money over Fiat Money


Collectable / Spendable / Fungible / Store of Value


Currency Printing

As with all other things affected by supply and demand, the currency is not exempt from this principle. Printing currency worked for many years in the United States as long as it could export its inflation. Since the United States exported printed money, inflation along with the currency was delivered internationally.

How do you export inflation, you ask? FOR MANY YEARS, the U.S. Dollar has been the World’s reserve currency. Because of its status as the reserve currency for oil and other products for payment of goods, many companies and providers exchanged money for goods and other services delivered to the USA. Under this system, the U.S. Dollars in international and central banks are the common medium of exchange for simplicity in trade transactions. As a result, funds were shipped overseas and thus the inflated currency was exported and exchanged for actual goods and services.

Under the Bretton Woods system, there was a Gold Standard, and most other currencies became pegged to the dollarAs a result of this arrangement, dollars are the primary intervention currency. However, this arrangement is flawed because it will directly affect the global economy if the dollar value is compromised. So, shortly after, we started printing more and more currency.

Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) is a monetary policy whereby a central bank injects money into the economy to create economic stimulus. It is printing money. The policy as a method of stimulation has advantages if used correctly. Usually, when inflation is very low or negative. The drawback of this practice is that it will not work unless the resources created directly affect GDP development.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) GDP is a monetary measure of the market value of goods and services produced during a given period. Increasing the production of goods and services reduces the debt-to-income ratio, which helps keep inflation in check caused by Quantitative easing. A popular IMF publication states, “GDP measures the monetary value of final goods and services by the final user produced in a country in a given period (say a quarter or a year).”

The foreign trade balance is critically important among all the components that make up a country’s GDP. A country’s GDP increases when the total value of goods and services domestic producers sell to foreign countries exceeds the total value of foreign goods and services that domestic consumers buy. When this situation occurs, a country is said to have a trade surplus.

Debt-to-GDP ratio – According to Wikipedia, the Debt-to-GDP ratio is the ratio between a government debt (measured in units of currency) and its gross domestic product (GDP) measured in units per year. A low Debt-to-GDP ratio is a measure of an economy that produces and sells goods and services and its ability to pay back debt without incurring further debt.

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The solution to inflationary policy is GDP development

The USCPBGOLD Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The USCPBGOLD Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency project resolves the Economic issues by dealing with the core issue of energy, mobilizing using human resources, and Using GDP development to offset the effects of inflation without raising interest rates beneficial to everyone.

US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK and The Royal House of David (USCPBGOLD) have created a worldwide debt relief program funded by its Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency and Gold-Backed MTN program with annual fixed coupon rates at 8.8%.

Who Is The U.S. Capital Private Bank?

Where Did The Gold Come From?

Total transfer of assets and associated details and SKR please email trustee@uscapitalprivatebank.com 

The Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency program offers participating employers, investors, developers, and inventors with significant capital on a grant basis. To enable their companies to immediately increase their workforces, thereby creating additional financial momentum to help reverse the current price increases from the quantitative easing and the economic slowdown experienced in nearly all business sectors.

The trustees of the U.S. Capital Private Bank, ETO, and The Royal House Of David have blocked and pledged Gold Bullion, Cash, Cash-Backed Securities, and other assets as collateral used to back this new decentralized cryptocurrency program. This currency issuance will result in immediate economic stimulus and benefits that will accrue at the local and national levels across nearly all sectors in all countries, including government, banking, retail, construction, housing, manufacturing, services, and public infrastructure development.

As the funds make their way through the local economies, immediate results will be. Unlike other programs, these coins will work together with the central banking system and governments to bring debt under control while providing liquidity for the market coupled with Project development growth, directly targeting GDP development as a hedge against inflation and runaway prices. The Program will bring balance back to the supply and demand matrix. In addition, the digital funds provided will cause rapid growth in the business sector by giving NON-RECOURSE labor funds through the employment of human resources and entrepreneurial training programs.

Companies that participate in the Program will have to provide projects that require human resources. 

  • Infrastructure Development and Maintenance
  • Consumable Products Production
  • Real Estate Development
  • Retail Sales and Service
  • Technology Manufacturing and Sales
  • Appliances Manufacturing Sales and Service
  • Professional Services Including Medical and Outpatient Services
  • Agriculture Development and Research
  • Software Development and Next-Generation Technologies
  • E-commerce / e-Commerce Development and Integration
  • Logistics Transport Shipping and Receiving
  • Cargo Transportation and Distribution Network Development (Supply and Demand will increase availability keeping prices stable and competitive)
  • Clean Energy Projects and Earth Cleanup and Restoration.
  • Waste to Energy, Recycling Projects.
  • Government Infrastructure Development and Maintenance
  • Public Services 
  • Educational Programs and New Technologies
  • Training Programs for Global trading for everyone through eCommerce.
  • Textile and Clothing Manufacturing Projects
  • Teaching and School Expansion Projects
  • Entertainment Development and Sports Development Projects
  • Next Level Design Concepts and Marketing Projects

THE US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK and The Royal House of David have pledged their assets to take a proactive approach to the lack of GDP Development for skilled and unskilled workers. If this is done simultaneously in many places around the world the economy will stabilize, and the production will begin to outpace the inflation and price increases bringing the supply/demand equilibrium into balance.

Let’s analyze this…

As you already know the labor force backs the reserve currency “The full faith and credit of the United States are backed by the labor of the American People.” when “the labor force and the retail demand that is associated with this mobilized labor force is dormant or unproductive, we lose value in the currencies that are hosting the unfunded liabilities.

This New Deal has been in place since June 5, 1933. As with all newly implemented policies, some areas need to be tweaked for the policy to have lasting benefits. The solution to regaining strength in the economy is to set a goal and reach 100 percent employment. While lowering taxes and expenses to have the same funds injected back into the economic engine like a turbocharger to promote more growth of the demand for Human Resources through product demand and services. The following is a method that when implemented will achieve that goal. The answer is not Quantitative easing alone but only with gainful employment policies and practices.

The following are benefits to the economies where the program will be implemented:

The following is a method that when implemented will achieve that equilibrium goal. The gainful employment will increase tax revenues and retail and sales of goods and services because of demand. This creates income by spreading the tax burden while lowering rates which will steadily increase revenues and decrease the deficit. (The more people working the more things are being produced to help meet the demands of goods and services making new local economies and global exporters of products.)

Project Description:  To mobilize the skilled and unskilled labor force by generating revenues through infrastructure development and business expansion throughout the Islands. The project resolves the Economic issues by dealing with the core issue which is mobilizing the Skilled and Unskilled labor pool. In today’s economy, it is difficult without this program due to the implementation of advanced robotics, mechanized automation, and advanced currency valuations and fluctuations. Labor is cheaper in Asia and other countries only because the currency value makes it difficult to compete in the Gross Domestic Production costs.

US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK (“USCPB”) has created in conjunction with The Royal House of David a worldwide humanitarian program known as the Global Economic Recovery Council (“GEC”).  The GEC program offers participating employers, on a grant basis, significant amounts of capital to enable their companies to immediately increase their workforces, thereby creating additional financial momentum to help reverse the current economic slowdown being experienced in nearly all business sectors.

The funds committed to the GEC program, initially targeted at USD 10 Trillion, will be generated from various private-placement managed buy-sell investment programs.  It is anticipated that the program will result in immediate economic stimulus benefits that will accrue at the local levels across nearly all sectors, including government, banking, retail, construction, housing, manufacturing, services, and public infrastructure development, as the GEC funds make their way through the local economies.

The funds provided will cause rapid growth in the business sector by providing FREE NON-RECOURSE labor funds through employment and training grants for all new hires to the companies benefiting from the fund.

Participating companies will be required to commit to permanently hiring 50% of the workers initially hired and paid by the program for five years in conjunction with the program, as well as to apply a certain level of savings in labor costs towards expansion and upgrading of their infrastructures promoting growth and expansion through sponsoring the education of all of which will result in lasting and meaningful economic growth.


US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK, ETO (USCPB), a private investment trust relationship with assets under management in excess of USD 15 Trillion, has pledged to take a proactive approach to deal with one of the core issues contributing to the worldwide economic downturn, that being the lack of meaningful employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers. As you already know the labor force backs the reserve currency and when it is dormant we lose value in the currencies. This New Deal has been in place since June 5, 1933. As with all newly implemented policies, there are areas that need to be tweaked in order for the policy to have lasting benefits. The solution to regaining strength in the economy is to set a goal and reach 100 percent employment. The following is a method that when implemented will achieve that goal. The answer is not Quantitative easing, but gainful employment which will increase tax revenues by spreading the burden which will steadily increase revenues and decrease the deficit.

To remedy this situation at the local community level, which is where the economic impacts are most apparent, USCPB will allocate a portion of investment proceeds that it realizes from its investment activities to fund a U.S. sanctioned grant program available to any legitimate employer which will enable these employers to hire additional workers without the responsibility of providing paychecks for them. The program will be administered through a new entity known as the Global Economic Recovery Council (GEC), which will oversee all aspects of the program, including administration, application processing, funding, accounting, and related operational activities.  The GEC program will provide funds to back the compensation provided to the new members of the labor force hired by the participating employers.  The employees will receive their pay via debit cards instead of cash, for several reasons, including:

(1) local banks that issue the debit cards will be able to earn fees from transaction processing, contributing to the health of the financial institutions.

(2) accounting and documentation activities will be greatly simplified by using the global merchant banking network to distribute and track funds provided by the program; and

(3) use of a debit card system will help reduce the likelihood of illicit use of compensation for purposes such as gambling or drugs, thereby making more of the employee’s earnings available for the legitimate needs of his or her family while stimulating the economy through retail purchases and credit servicing.

Employers that participate in the program will agree to permanently hire the employees after having received funding for the employee’s wages for a period of two years.  Employers will also be required to provide payments for healthcare and dental packages for program participants and pledge a specified portion of earnings attributable to the enhanced workforce to business development, facility expansion/modernization, employee benefits, and/or other similar types of expenditures or investments that enhance the viability of the company and contribute to its economic stability for the long term. There will be no limit to the number of employees that can be hired by participating companies, provided that they meet program requirements specified by the GEC program administrator.


The following are benefits that accrue to key stakeholders in the local economies where the program will be implemented:

Government: Government agencies will receive tax revenues from several sources associated with the program recipients, including sales taxes from purchases of goods and services, payroll taxes to fund employee benefits and entitlement programs, and income taxes based on earned wages.  Not only will governmental agencies be able to offer improved services to the local communities, but these agencies will see reductions in program costs for various social support programs that they are obliged to maintain, such as welfare programs, shelters for the homeless, medical care for indigents, and so on.  Because more citizens will be earning a respectable income instead of depending on government handouts, this will free up more funding for infrastructure, education, and other programs that will enhance the long-term viability of the community and the country as a whole.  Governmental agencies will have more financial resources to combat crime, such as improving patrols, implementing community outreach programs, and operating proactive programs designed to keep citizens from becoming involved in criminal activities in the first place, as opposed to much more expensive programs needed to incarcerate and rehabilitate seasoned criminals.

Banking: Banks and financial institutions will benefit by earning fees for processing transactions that are associated with the debit card compensation system, as well as by banking funds held in savings or other deposit accounts by newly hired individuals. They will also benefit by making loans to working families, as well as to the local corporations that will be growing due to the influx of cash into the economy from the GEC program benefits.  A reduction in bank-owned home inventories will result as more and more local citizens are able to realize the dream of homeownership.  Banks will also benefit from increased financial transactions involving all other sectors that will participate in the effect of the additional cash flow being generated in the local community by the increase in sales from retailers, service providers, restaurants, construction companies, and similar businesses that will be patronized by program participants.

Retail: Retailers will see an increase in sales because of the additional cash flowing into the community.  Low and moderate-income families will increase their spending as they have access to additional income for the simple reason that they tend to have the least and need the most. These families will need to shop for essentials just to become stable again. They will purchase furniture, clothing, food, vehicles, and many other items that are common in all more-affluent social sectors. Retailers will likely need to hire additional employees in order to keep up with the increased business volume generated by the program, causing a healthy, self-generating effect on the local economy.

General Business: These companies will provide all of the secondary services that consumers and businesses typically buy when they can afford them, such as internet, energy, advertising, warehousing, manufacturing, and a myriad of consumer products and services for the new labor force that is now contributing to the global economy instead of being a continuing burden.  Corporate profits will rise due to expanded workforces and higher productivity, with little or no additional expense to the company due to the costs being covered by the GEC program.  This will enable new investment in plants and equipment, training programs, new business development, and an overall improvement in the viability of all businesses participating in the program.

Housing: The GEC program will contain a special feature that will provide funds for housing down payments for new employees participating in the program, enabling the realization of quality, permanent shelter, more affordable mortgage payments due to increased equity by the homebuyer, pride of ownership contributing to the maintaining of property values in neighborhoods, and a reduction in the probability of mass foreclosures happening due to increased stability of the local housing market.  GEC administrators will “encourage” banks and the legislature to increase the length of time on mortgage loans and provide more favorable payment terms at fixed rates, so that homeowners will be more likely to be able to keep their homes for the long term, contributing to stable communities.  The housing construction sector will obviously benefit from the increased demand for new housing, remodeling, and other community development projects that will be undertaken by developers and investors without a false bubble.

Individuals:  Direct benefits to individuals that will obtain meaningful employment due to the GEC program are obvious, and include such things as better housing opportunities, increased access to consumer products and services, educational opportunities for themselves and their families, and better healthcare options.  Employers will be able to offer better medical and dental benefits, insurance programs, retirement benefits, and other employee benefits due to the increased productivity that will be realized as a result of the GEC program.  Neighborhoods will become more stable and less affected by crime and destructive social behavior, which always occurs when the economic status of local citizens is lowered or high levels of unemployment.

health care:    With the funds received by the healthcare system due to the requirement of Employer provisions to the participants for healthcare and dental, The medical sector will realize an increase in revenues that will translate to increased employment and more funds in research and development of advanced medicine over the life of the program and with this increase we all will realize better pricing on healthcare because the doctors are not suffering from non-paying clients.

Training and Employee Development:  Because the GEC program requires participating employers to offer permanent employment to workers after two years, there will be a strong incentive for these companies to provide meaningful training and educational programs for these employees, which will serve to enhance the ultimate value of the employee to the benefit of the employer. GEC program administrators will provide training and educational resource information to interested employers, enabling them to establish cooperative training programs with educational institutions, public-private partnerships, interfaces with governmental programs that provide training and educational programs, and other resources that will facilitate the personal growth, and enhance the skill level, of employees participating in the program while stimulating the growth of the educational sector financially.

For more information regarding the Global Economic Recovery program, please contact the undersigned below. This brief summary of the program is provided for your review and is open for improvement and changes as long as the results meet the program’s goal of non-discriminatory economic stimulus.

Project Funding using Bankable Instruments as collateral and Non-Depletion Procedure

To avoid any credit defaults or margin calls against our assets, gold, crypto, and securities, USCPB will issue on behalf of our client a guarantee or other collateral instrument equal to 3 times the amount of the funds needed for the client’s project/purchase for further securing the debt against possible default on the loan. This method protects the client and both the advising bank and the issuing bank while making the transaction lucrative for all parties using the principal non-depletion by investment debt servicing. Fractional Reserve Banking plays a major role in the indemnification of the transaction. The banks can make profits with this extra money to indemnify the transaction.

What is Fractional Reserve Banking? – Fractional-reserve lending is the most common form of banking practiced by commercial worldwide. It is explained in detail in the book Modern Money Mechanics and also found at the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-5xDzTvW6E&t=340s

Bank reserves are held as cash in the bank or as balances in the bank’s account at the central bank. The minimum amount that banks are required to hold in liquid assets is determined by the central banks and is called the reserve requirement. The reserve requirement is typically 10% on average. So for every deposit made in the bank, 90 percent of those funds are available to the bank for use by its clients in the form of loans and other investment activities.

 Example of the 2 to 1 Non-depletion framework procedure

 The client’s Project or Product for sale is 100 Million.

  • We will issue the collateral guarantee to the client’s bank for 300 Million (Three times required for the loan)
  • Receiving Bank receives the financial instrument for 300 Million and deposits it. Those collaterals are deposited into an account and are pledged as collateral for the client (All deposits are subject to fractional reserve banking mentioned above.) This releases the credit lines.
  • Out of the newly deposited cash the bank will move the 100 Million to a separate account for the client’s project/purchase into a new operating account. These funds will be accessible to the client for the project.
  • The remaining 200 Million Dollars of the original deposit will remain on deposit at the receiving bank and will be used by the receiving bank for conservative investment(s) in the interest of satisfying the debt and the eventual return of the collateral to the issuer.
  • After the debt is satisfied and the instrument is returned the remaining profits if any will be deposited into an account with the provider bank in the name of the provider’s name US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK (USCPB). Thereafter, the transaction is repeated.

What Happened?

How Money Became Worthless | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Gold has always had emotional, cultural, and financial value. But its key advantage is that Gold is an investment metal. Gold is and has been globally accepted in more than 194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency.

What makes Gold a unique investment tool?

High preservation capacity. Gold is one of the long-life materials on Earth. Liquidity. Gold has held a universally recognized value in all corners of the world for many thousands of years. Divisibility, integrability, and qualitative homogeneity. Gold is a plastic metal and can be cast as bars of a certain weight and fineness which will be standardized and homogeneous. Rarity. There is little Gold on Earth and its total volume is limited.

What makes Gold a promising investment tool?

The medium-term and long-term positions of Gold as an investment tool look very bright. Being the most predictable and reliable investment tool with a multi-thousand-year history, Gold has always been a safe haven in times of instability and crisis.

What is the short term that will make Gold the focus of the investment boom?

Today witnesses a lot of unsettled clearly imminent risks which will continue to generate financial crises of an increasing scale. First of all, it is a record amount of world debt, which became possible, among other things, because of the possibility to create fiat money without limitation.

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), in 2017 the global debt reached a huge amount of 217 trillion dollars – this is 327 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). Before the era of the financial crisis, the global debt was 149 trillion dollars, and it has increased by 70 trillion in just ten years. This debt poses a huge risk by creating a global financial “bubble” the collapse of which will result in a crisis of truly biblical proportions. The finding was that the current payment system, which is controlled by conventional banks, is inefficient, inhomogeneous, fragmented, expensive, and time-consuming. Furthermore, the tender currencies used as payment means are mainly based on the trust that the governments of the respective countries are stable and provide an economy that satisfies the value of the tender currencies issued. However, they can simply increase the number of their respective currencies, if there is a need. This leads to inflation and people losing their money. What they lose is purchasing power. Because only real money has a Store of Value.

Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets Of Money

The question was whether there is a possibility to offer the world a better, more trustworthy payment means. 

The U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin, together with the U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem has developed a globally workable solution: A solution connected to Gold. Gold has a stable and generally accepted value and is one of the oldest payment means. While, in former times, it was used as a payment means in the form of gold coins, The U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem has developed the CashGold and the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin.

With the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin and the U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem, everybody can pay for goods and services anywhere and anytime. In addition, the CashGold can be used as a gold-bearing note similar to banknotes.

Now the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin is the most relevant cryptocurrency backed by Gold. To ensure a serious approach to cash management and payment system development, the U.S. Capital Private Bank the World’s first cryptocurrency bank, has been established in the United States. The bank is deliberately set up in a country that has the most stringent financial regulations and huge financial opportunities so that to guarantee all ICO participants full reliability and clear prospects of the project development.

In fact, a “golden parachute” was created for investors. Participating in ICO, the backer acquires gold-backed tokens of a fast-growing financial conglomerate and the value of such tokens will increase in proportion to capitalization (the estimated capitalization is $500 million by 2020), reducing risks to almost zero.



Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies based on it are leading the revolution in economy and finance today, becoming forerunners of global changes in monetary circulation. However, there remains a huge number of problems creating a gap between the potential of blockchain technologies and their real application in the modern economy.

Problem No. 1: At the moment there is no strong connection between the circulation of cryptocurrencies and the conventional financial infrastructure.

SOLUTION: U.S. Capital Private Bank the World’s first cryptocurrency bank was established in the United States. The bank is deliberately set up in a country that has the most stringent financial regulation and huge financial opportunities.

The U.S. Capital Private Bank created a bridge between conventional finance and the blockchain-based economy, thus becoming a new center of the global cryptocurrency system.

Problem No. 2: Cryptocurrency projects are unconnected and lack real experience and a solid financial basis which often prevents them from developing successfully.

SOLUTION: U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin was created by one of the most successful enterprises in its own sphere and has been providing physical gold assets to a customer base of over half a million customers. The U.S. Capital Private Bank is actively building up a global conglomerate having successfully implemented several significant projects in the blockchain.

Problem No. 3: In spite of their technological effectiveness, cryptocurrencies are still unstable and not backed by real assets making the investment very risky. 

SOLUTION: U.S. Capital Private Bank is building up the first blockchain-based payment system. While the U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem provides for the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin as a CashGold-linked payment system, the U.S. Capital Private Bank WORLD with the U.S. Capital Private Bank COIN performs three functions:

Circulation of cryptocurrency, backed by Gold;

Rendering the services of the first full blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related bank which shall become the core of the global crypto-world banking system; WE WILL ACCEPT almost any cryptocurrencies for trade placing them in the trust and giving gold value to the client that is liquid.

Execution of treasury functions for the U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem and the cryptocurrencies, in particular, safekeeping of the Gold and CashGold, on which the U.S. Capital Private Gold Ecosystem is based and will be deposited with or held (directly or indirectly) by the U.S. Capital Private Bank as its guarantor.

Thus, the world’s first cryptocurrency will be as reliable as Gold and will be freely convertible to CashGold in value at the point of sale.

Problem No.4: Undeveloped cryptocurrency infrastructure. 

SOLUTION: Today, there is no comprehensible infrastructure available to provide quick and reliable access to cryptocurrency assets. This impedes the interaction between
the conventional economy and the crypto-economy, practically isolating them from each other and giving rise to additional problems.

The U.S. Capital Private Bank is focused on involving broad masses of users by creating a familiar financial infrastructure on a cryptocurrency basis. The U.S. Capital Private Bank Eco System will include but is not limited to: ATMs worldwide (target 10,000 pieces), Our own Crypto Exchange, Security of The company, Bank accounts, Payment system (on our own blockchain), and our own payment cards. The current key task of the U.S. Capital Private Bank is to establish services that will excel the traditional payment infrastructure in terms of convenience and reliability and provide easy access to the use of cryptocurrencies and investing in Gold to two hundred million conventional users.


The U.S. Capital Private Bank’s ecosystem aims to build a stable ecosystem in which the market of FIAT currencies, financial products, and other assets together with the new market of digital currencies are combined in a new financial system all of it backed by real assets and GDP growth. This system will use everything already in place, settle existing debt using the 2:1 non-depletion framework along with GEC GDP development programs to rebuild the momentum, and add the stability of solid banking with real assets. 


The U.S. Capital Private Bank WORLD ecosystem will comprise the following functions, services, and applications, each element of which will create the demand for tokens or create an infrastructure to maintain them. The U.S. Capital Private Bank WORLD consists of two interacting systems – the Hard-system, which will include the operating enterprises and which will provide physical circulation of Gold, and the Soft-system, which will include blockchain-based transactions including NFTs in the form of securities such as SBLC/LOC/BG/MTN et al that can be traded and transmitted via the blockchain as an alternative to swift transactions.

The U.S. Capital Private Bank WORLD “Hard Structure” will include the following enterprises:

The U.S. Capital Private Bank is the core of the future payment system. It will provide crypto bank accounts for the crypto industry, e.g. for cryptocurrency exchanges, merchants and services, and, in particular, the U.S. Capital Private COIN and the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin. These accounts are also provided for CashGold transactions. As the world’s top crypto bank, it will manage accounts in CashGold, U.S. Capital Private Gold Coins, U.S. Capital Private Bank COINS and in virtually all other cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies.

The U.S. Capital Private Bank is the issuer of the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coins. It oversees and manages the U.S. Capital Private Bank WORLD ECOSYSTEM. U.S Capital Private Bank has created the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin guarantees that these coins are based on the Binance public blockchain and that the number of coins is limited to Ten Billion Coins each valued at the price of 1 kilo of Pure Gold Bullion.  At the end of ICO, the unsold tokens will be burned forever, so the total supply of USCPBGOLD will be equal to the total number of sold coins. The gold reserve will stabilize the payment system and the token value.

The  U.S. Capital Private Bank and the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin and other cryptocurrencies. In this way, the U.S. Capital Private Bank ecosystem offers its participants a holistic solution to operate and manage currencies and assets. It creates an integrated security platform where participants are provided with the required exchange services.

The U.S. Capital Private Bank debit card is another service rendered by the U.S. Capital Private Bank. It is a “debit” card. Further points of acceptance shall follow so that users shall generate a sustainable benefit. The U.S. Capital Private Gold Coins become a Gateway to the U.S. Capital Private Bank ecosystem. We will partner with banks providing the gold using the 2:1 Non-depletion framework to back the spending budget of the coins for those that need a little cash from the local ATM.

The market capitalization of the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin (USCPBGOLD) will reflect the billion USD business of creating the first global crypto world banking system and the execution of treasury functions for the U.S. Capital Private Bank World ecosystem and the cryptocurrencies, in particular, safekeeping of the Gold and CashGold which the U.S. Capital Private Gold.

The ecosystem is based – The limitations of the conventional banking system and the new opportunities created by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which have the need for their own banking system, offer the business concept an incomparable growth potential.

The global acceptance and recognition of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain-technology Gold as a safe and secure harbor will make the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin is one of the leading payment means worldwide. Therefore, holders of the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin will not only enjoy protection against inflation and vague governments and economies but also have the opportunity to participate in the value increase which will be achieved in the future as it is gold and stable. Such value increase can be realized by everybody through the sale of the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin, or through the purchase of goods and services will most likely grow very fast.



The mission of the U.S. Capital Private Bank is to create and develop a global infrastructure that will become a bridge between conventional and cryptocurrency financial systems. This will make the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin is the center of the future economy built on blockchain technologies.

U.S. Capital Private Bank is currently creating an international payment system that will serve the blockchain-based economy while using its assets to support GDP growth through project development through its mandate and the Global economic recovery project.

Nowadays, the foundation of the future global structure that will evolve into the stabilizing center of the world economy is being actively laid. Adherence to its mission will empower the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin to achieve maximum capitalization for the benefit of its backers.



U.S. Capital Private Bank is based on a clear vision of the future. The new economy and blockchain-based financial operations will be more intuitive and beneficial for intelligent clients and bankers than the existing systems. Due to the historical failures in banking and finance, we have developed a new model where accountability and indemnity reduction, and elimination practices are included in each and every transaction. Getting the client what they need without the risk is part of the global financial ecosystem based in the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin program. It is the core of the longevity of the new system with Economic restoration as its primary mandate. Eventually, this ecosystem will become the basis for the creation of new financial systems that include blockchain technologies.

U.S. Capital Private Bank will become the basis of an environmentally efficient and beneficial introduction to a new economy.  The key point of the U.S. Capital Private Gold Coin’s vision is the consistent incorporation of real money which, unlike the fiat, will hold a real store of value and can be used by banks and central banks to maintain stability because it is backed by gold bullion. The coin is one of the most solid investments that you can make in your future. It is the only system that promotes economic recovery and stability in each and every transaction. Whether you are buying this coin to hold or you use it to promote GDP development it is the only one of its kind.


For more information on this coin and to purchase or trade for them please contact your representative or send an email to our Chairman trustee@uscapitalprivatebank.com